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Professional Legal User Support Specialists (PLUSS) recognized the need for expertly and specially trained professionals to support the legal market.  PLUSS offers specialized curriculum targeting specific administrative and technical requirements of law firms and corporate legal departments.


Professional Legal User Support Specialists (PLUSS) is committed to providing individuals, teams and organizations with the expert knowledge to successfully support organizations with the administrative and technical tasks required by legal professionals.

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A Message From Our CEO

The legal industry was significantly impacted by the economic downturn a little over a decade ago. Then, for the first time in history, law firms reduced attorney personnel. Some administrative and technical support services were deemed expendable and were either outsourced or eliminated altogether. Now, law firms are experiencing a different challenge – a total remote work force. Attorneys have often had the option to work remotely, whether from home or a client site. Support professionals not so much. Federal, state and local regulations require secure access to client data as well as guidelines for hourly 
employees who work from home. These protocols require a change to firm culture as well as to how technology is accessed and managed. 
As organizations develop and refine these resources, PLUSS is available to assist with training, technical support and document production during this challenging time. We look forward to working with you and your organization. 

Rose E. Jackson, MBA

Chief Empowerment Officer

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