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Is Your Organization Remote Ready?

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

NCAA cancels March Madness. Disneyland will close theme park. NBA suspends season. Cities are quarantining and companies are recommending employees work from home. While many organizations can maintain short-term viability through work-from-home protocols, more require a physical body in a physical place—think transportation systems, medical/dental facilities, and emergency personnel—or do not have the infrastructure to create and support a virtual workforce.

Photo by Lauren Mancke on Unsplash

In the legal industry, lawyers do and can work from home. Professional support staff is another story. Most technical resources are allocated to fully support attorney access 24/7 because the attorney is deemed the major revenue generator in the firm, minimizing the valuable contributions that paraprofessionals and legal assistants provide that make the lawyer more effective. Therefore, few resources are allocated to the legal support staff, making full-time remote assistance difficult at best.

Another significant factor that limits the effectiveness of a fully remote support staff is sufficient training. Many organizations ignore the importance of creating and maintaining a consistent training program as well as evaluating skill level and expertise.

Lack of access to technical resources and effective training are just two components that can limit your administrative professionals from providing effective and efficient support in a remote environment. The professionals at PLUSS can assist your organization in these areas. Contact us now at for additional information.

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